"Are you ready for the New Year?"

The first of January is often a new starting point in people's life to kick start a new healthier version themselves.  If this is you - Kallinyalla Kurves is here to help you look great whilst you transform the new improved version of yourself.

I will be the first to put up my hand and say that this is me, and whilst I have the best intentions it is not always an easy path to take.  I have already done a few yo-yo's on the bathroom scales but I am reminded that each day is a new day of possibilities and I try again.  My goal is to loose 5kg.  Not much some will say but I am trying to stay realistic and achievable.  For me weight gain is so much easier than weight loss but this is not a deterrent, for the moment anyway.

So in saying this I have in-store a great range of active wear, swimsuits, coverups, sunglasses and sun hats plus lovely summer clothing to help you look great while you are working out or relaxing on the beach.  Pop on in to the Garden Centre at 10 Shaen Street Port Lincoln or shop online and purchase that new outfit/s to make your transformation fashionable, comfortable and fun!