I'm late! I'm late! For a very IMPORTANT Date!!

This is very much me for the past few months, well actually if I am honest  - most of the time! So much to do, so little time.  Do you relate?  I was going through my high school report cards recently and all of my teachers say "Leonie is a friendly, lovely girl - BUT - she need to get more organised!"  (Paraphrased), and this is true. I am either super organised then life gets in my way and it all becomes unstuck.

Currently, like you I suspect, we are circus performers juggling a few balls in the air - home, family, friends and work just to name a few.  Stephan and I have just started our home renovations and for those who have gone through this can I mention one word - DUST! But like all things somethings sometimes you have to go though a storm before you come out the other side and appreciate what you've done and where you have come from.

My storm has been a meld of things lately, which, when combined ended with me having hurt my back last weekend and hardly being able to walk, let alone stand or sit for a period of time.  Now I'm not asking for sympathy just saying that we all have a lot going on in our life.  If anything, this week has reminded me not to be so self absorbed as there are many other people who are going through life a lot tougher than myself. Having said this it has also been a realisation that I have a great community of friends who have boosted me through not only this tough week but any time that I have needed them.

Left to Right: Sue, Carmen, Sarah, Nina and Leonie.

This was quite evident last month. On the 19th March at the Garden Centre we held a Mad Hatter's Tea Party, quite appropriate I feel.  This is where I can honestly say that if you ask your friends a favour to assist you they come through.  One of my dearest friends Sue and my wonderful band of staff stepped up and gladly came to my rescue as they "volunteered" to be my models for our first fashion parade.  The Tea Party was a wonderful night and the girls had a fabulous time parading 'Kurves" clothing during the mini fashion show.  Thank you to all who came to make the night a success.  I feel that this may only be the beginning of something more.